249. To The Man Who Only Owns University of Oregon Gear


(Oh look, he’s wearing an Oregon t-shirt!)

My Pops (aka DP, “The Fasha,”) is pretty rad. He picked up the phone today and yelled out “Happy Kids Day!” I guess he wouldn’t be a father without kids, so it’s technically true. Cheers to the guy who only drinks scotch neat, eats salads in the largest bowl he can find (from his leather red chair), is amazing at rhythmic gymnastics, and swims laps wearing a snorkel mask. I couldn’t ask for a wackier or more fun father. Happy Father’s Day to all!

*Note to self: Ask him for some ribbon dancing lessons. I’m going for gold.


207. Mat Kearney Wins The Day

In honor of the Ducks winning the Fiesta Bowl over the weekend, singer Mat Kearney decided to write a song and dedicate it to  head coach football Chip Kelly. There’s speculation that Kelly is leaving to go pro (possibly with the Cleveland Browns). Not only is the song catchy but it’s spawned a website where you can buy t-shirts with various lyrics on them (i.e. “Buffalo’s Freezing”). As a recent graduate of the UO, I have to say that Chip Kelly has made Oregon football what it is today. Let’s just hope he stays with the green and yellow!

Mat Kearney definitely “wins the day” with this song. Also, I love how he busts out the “O” at the end of this. #truefanofeugene

Chip Don't Go

*Note to self: Remind myself to pitch the ad below to the UO Bookstore. I think my friend Amber Hogan would approve as owner of this furry animal named Tucker:


175. Matt Piedmont: Viewing Life Through A Comic Lens

(credit: imdb.com)

Last fall, I had the chance to interview Matt Piedmont, a comedy writer that I’ve looked up to for years. From SNL to Casa de mi Padre, this guy has done it all. Find out why he loves Gap khakis, how he broke into Hollywood, and why he feels like Liberace…sometimes.

Matt Piedmont: Viewing Life Through A Comic Lens.

174. NYC or Bust


After I graduated from college in 2002, I wanted to become a sitcom writer. After being out in “the real world” for 10 years, I’ve realized how hard it is to actually fulfill that dream. I’m always writing and creating but right now my goal over the next few months is to get back to New York City, the place I can’t wait to call home..again.

In my attempt to get the gold medal in networking, I’m doing a little shameless promotion in order to secure a job in “The Big Apple.” You may be wondering, who is this lady? What’s her deal? Well, I recently earned my graduate degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and I’m a reliable, witty, creative, fun-loving, and very energetic girl (can you say that after the age of 30?) who just wants to get back to Manhattan (or Brooklyn!). If you’re wondering what I can bring to a company here are a few things that I have done:

I’ve written a daily column for CBS New York about the “5 Best Things To Do Tonight In NYC” for almost 2 years:

I’ve discovered my love for Photoshop and copywriting:

(Images shot by Carly Petrone, promotions are fictional)

I’ve created a website re-design (5 pages) for Emerald Lanes, a Eugene-based bowling alley:

I’ve become obsessed with photography (specifically with Hipstamatic (iPhone app)):

Click here to see photos from NYC.

Other examples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know I graduated in a time where jobs are few and far between. Instead of feeling defeated and overwhelmed, I’ve decided to be proactive and express what I can bring to a company as an employee. I’m looking to work in a space where I can grow and write and create. Please get in touch with me via email or comment on this post if you feel I would be a good fit for your company or organization. Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

148. I May Not Have Ironed My Robe But I Did Get My Master’s Degree!


It’s hard to believe that I now have my master’s degree. I graduated from the University of Oregon last Monday and the next day I left for SF to start my internships at 7×7 magazine and Barc SF (a small advertising agency). I did manage to wear my hat backwards and my hood inside out so I had that going for me. I can’t thank my professors enough for supporting me throughout the year and providing me with new vital skills that I know I can take into the job market. Being up in Eugene was great, even though it felt strange at first having moved from New York City. I won’t miss the rain but I will miss all the green trees, hiking Spencer Butte, and paying $2 for a beer.  My small cohort of 8 have all gone on to do different things and it’s crazy to think that just a year ago we were all sitting in the library conference room introducing ourselves. Thank you SOJC and everyone up in Eugene who made the last year so rewarding.  Onto the next adventure!

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138. Pioneers and Pink Dresses

My Dad (right) accepting his much deserved award!

Last week, my Dad received the Pioneer Award at the University of Oregon.  It was a black tie affair and all of my siblings plus my aunts and uncles were able to make it up to The Nines Hotel in Portland for the ceremony.  It was a proud moment for me as his daughter and I’m sure he will never forget it, as well.  I even gave an impromptu speech!

My family at the awards dinner

I have to say, one of my favorite parts of the weekend was when my sister and I walked out of the hotel room in practically the same dress (ahem, fuchsia and ruffles).  In honor of this occurrence I thought I’d make a fake Nordstrom ad.  Here it is:

Oh, sisterly love.  She is getting married in less than 2 weeks.  As long as I don’t show up in a white bridal gown I think we’ll be okay.

129. Ducks Fly East To Manhattan

Oh, look at us!  Here we are about 10 days ago eagerly awaiting our trip to visit ad agencies in New York City.  None of us had any idea what to expect.  Especially me.  I didn’t know a single person as the lone grad student but I was ready to find out more about the fascinating world of advertising.

This trip was a sentimental one because I just moved from New York City last June.  As soon as I landed, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel.  Overwhelmed?  Over it?  Exhausted? In love all over again?  It was everything I remembered it to be and more (even the rain we brought from Oregon couldn’t damper my affection for the Big Apple).  I found myself actually missing the blaring sound of the alarm going off in the subway and the unsettling feeling of being in a taxi with the least safest driver in the city.

In a nutshell, what I took away from this past week is that I want to work in an environment that encourages quirky behavior and strange ideas. I want to be surrounded by smart and curious people.  I don’t want to feel stifled by the man at the top or the corporate rules of working at a large organization.  If I can get paid for voicing my ideas and putting them down on paper, I’ll be one happy lady.

I left Eugene wanting to work at a large agency but I walked away intoxicated by the smaller companies like Big Spaceship and Mr. Youth.  These were places where everyone came together (CEO & Jr. Strategist) for a common cause: to create the best campaign for their clients.  As someone who has worked in the dreaded cubicle, it was refreshing to see agencies where there weren’t any dividers.  Although, I was disappointed to see only 2 ping-pong tables out of the 6 agencies we visited, many of the offices made up for it with these quirky accessories and decorations:

DDB had their very own Ronald MacDonald (who inappropriately asked me to lei him upon arrival).

Ogilvy shared their editing bay with us. This included old school “astronaut-like” equipment (like tapes!)

My personal favorite: the Women’s bathroom at Mr. Youth.

Overall, I have to say this was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life.  I got to immerse myself in a world I’ve always wanted to know more about (thank you Deb Morrison) and I was able to get a feel for what a “9 to 5” job in the creative field really entails.  I also learned the following: typography matters, making your partner look better is key, people at agencies like to say the word “nimble,” and presenting a campaign idea at Wieden + Kennedy is pretty f*$%#@g awesome.

Now, if only I could figure out why these two people forgot to put their shirts on:

122. Who is the guy in the gold Nikes?

He’s photographer Russel Wong.  He’s shot everyone from Tom Cruise to Carl Lewis and he got his start at the University of Oregon.  I had the chance to sit down with him over coffee a few weeks ago and he was hilarious.  He used to shoot athletes for Nike (hence his amazing one-of-a-kind gold shoes) and has worked on countless movie sets.  While talking to him, we discussed one of his most famous portraits of the Prime Minister of Singapore (where he currently resides).  He said that the Prime Minister never smiled, especially in photographs. But Russel Wong’s infectious personality rubbed off on the Singaporean leader.  I asked him what he talked to the PM about?

“Food,” Wong said.

I should have known.  Wong also has a love for food and writes a blog about his favorite restaurants and food findings while traveling the globe.  He said at the photo shoot, everyone around the PM was strict and serious.  So, he walked up to him and asked, “So, what do you like to eat, man?”  Apparently the powerful man was so stunned he asked him to repeat his question.  He laughed and told him, “I guess I like cod.”

Now, whenever I look at this portrait, that’s all I can think about.  I wonder if it’s the same for Russel Wong.  He seems to really connect to each of his subjects.  That’s probably why celebrities can’t wait to work with him.

8. So I’ve been thinking about Oprah lately…

While watching the mash-up of 30 Rock, I was reminded that Oprah guest starred in the season premiere a few years ago.  She used to be such a part of my life and now the only time I hear from or about her is on Facebook ( in case you’re wondering she has over 6 million friends).  It made me realize how much influence she really has had on America and beyond.  If anyone is a brand in this country it’s Oprah Winfrey.  Since attending to the University of Oregon, I’ve associated an “O” with the school.  Prior to that, however, if I saw that initial somewhere I’d automatically think of Oprah.  I’m wondering how her network is doing and if she’ll come back to television in a more mainstream way anytime soon.  I think her network is a great idea but you have to have the most premium type of cable in order to view it.

Well, Oprah Winfrey, you’re still one of the most recognized brands in the world and I’m just happy I got to meet you.  I still can’t believe I ever did this:

4. A few inventions that might be so stupid they’re brilliant

Look how happy, relaxed, and spirited he looks!

We’ve all seen those ridiculous informercials on TV for completely useful useless products.  But how is it that these useless products have created entire stores called “As Seen On TV?”  Because people are buying them.  We made fun of the Snuggie, but in reality, how many Americans actually own one?  Millions.  4 million Snuggies were sold in 2009 to be exact.  There are even Doggie Snuggies and Custom Snuggies available now (hence spin offs like the Slanket and I can’t even go into the marketing behind Forever Lazy).  Still I’ve bought a Snuggie. Actually, I bought 5.  I got 5 University of Oregon themed Snuggies last Christmas for my immediate family.  I “snuggled” in my Snuggie at the Rose Bowl (Go Ducks!) and kept it wrapped around me until I got to the parking lot. Supporting my team while staying warm at the same time?  Score!

Some other completely insane but useful items that have been circling “The Book,” (which I’ve recently learned is what many people refer to as Facebook these days) include the following:

Possible tag line: “Leave Your Cork At Home.” Anyone else think they should have used white wine for this?

The Office Sleeping Bag, Possible Tag Line: “The Office Sleeping Bag: Go Ahead. Your Boss Will Never Notice.”

Not creepy at all. Why do I feel like that guy just peed himself.

Check out these smaller inventions that were recently marketed. Personally, I like #3 and #10.