217. Marcel’s Ready For Some Football

In honor of today’s Super Bowl (go Niners!), here’s some things that Marcel the Shell is looking forward to doing every time the 49ers score (in lieu of a touchdown dance):

Celery Slides:

Marcel CeleryDip Dives:

Marcel Scoops

Field Goal Balances:

Marcel Cupcakes

In case you can’t find him during half time, he might be at one of the following places:

The Puppy Bowl (scoping out his competition, even though the judges won’t allow him to play due to his hard shell):

Marcel Puppy Bowl

Snack Stadium (redeeming his title as “Puppy Bowl Champion” with fellow wannabes):
Marcel Food DomeIf you still can’t find him then you might have to just say hello by downloading his app ($6.99) on your smartphone, buying his book, or seeing him on Youtube. Either way, you can definitely get in touch with this little guy. Oh yeah, and he wanted me to tell you that today he’s making an exception and wearing red shoes for the Bay Area fans out there. In fact, he sent me a signed photo this morning:

Marcel Shoes and FootballHave a wonderful and safe time celebrating the Super Bowl everyone!


40. Who ever said there’s nothing fun to do with deli meat?

Okay, so nobody actually said that.  Cheers to whoever created this amazing Super Bowl snack platter!

Click here to see more awesome deli platters dedicated to this weekend’s game.

39. The Super Bowl Brings Out The Big Guns (and I’m not just talking muscles)

Super Bowl XLVI (that’s 46 for those of you who don’t speak Latin, don’t worry, I had to look it up).  That’s right, the football game of all football games is coming your way this weekend and as much as the players are gearing up for the big game so are the advertisers.  Brands like Acura and Honda are using comedy and celebrities to push their latest car models.  Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick have played relatable characters in the past so brands are taking a chance that people will relate to them now.  Honda even hired jokester director Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Old School) to shoot the two-and-a-half minute long commercial.  Who would have ever thought that movie directors would be lining up to shoot commercials?  These two ads have already created a buzz and kickoff hasn’t even happened yet.  Stay tuned!

Get a sneak peak here!