271. Late Night with Seth Meyers


Just found out that Stefon will be making an appearance on the upcoming Late Night with Seth Meyers. This makes me extremely happy. That is all.

If you’re not familiar with Stefon and Seth’s relationship – they ended up getting married on Bill Hader’s last night on SNL. Here’s a Stefon montage:

*Note to self: Try out all those clubs with DJ Baby Bokchoy!


214. Mulaney Makes It


Yessssss! One of my all time favorite comedy writers (John Mulaney) just got the green light to shoot his very own pilot for NBC. Mulaney wrote the first episode and will also executive produce the multi camera show along with Lorne Michaels. The sitcom is loosely based on Mulaney’s real life. I wonder if his writing partner (Mike O’Brien) will get in on this. I’m crossing my fingers that a certain SNL character will make an appearance. In case you haven’t seen Mulaney’s brilliant creation, his name is Stefon and he is fabulous. Here’s a taste of his genius writing abilities:

Congrats Mulaney! Guess you’re having a pretty good week. I always knew you would make it!

*Note to self: Find out if Mulaney is single (or stalk him post SNL taping at 30 Rock). That’s normal, right?

103. Two Hilarious Dudes in Bright Colors

Mike O'Brien (in a nice Irish green) and John Mulaney (in a nice coral/salmon color)

Little did I know that while strolling through NYC on a late summer night back in 2009 with my roommate (Jamie Lee) and her friend that her friend was the John Mulaney.  I knew he worked at SNL but I had no idea the extent of his funniness.  After seeing one of his stand-up shows I left crying (and almost peeing my pants, but that’s a whole other story).  He’s the guy behind Bill Hader’s hilarious character, Stefon, and has just secured a deal with Comedy Central for his own stand-up special.

As for Mike O’Brien, he’s the hilarious SNL writer and guy behind 7 Minutes in Heaven (see post #87), the web series based out of a closet at Rock Center.  He’s brought on everyone from Amy Poehler to Patricia Clarkson and yep, you guess it, he’s sucked face with most of them.

Learn more about this hilarious duo and find out why PAPERMAG just named them two of the most Beautiful People 2012.