224. I Understood Your “I Beat Meryl” Reference, JLaw

Any chick that references First Wives Club and She-Devil (two of my favorite movies that have been known to be on repeat in my iTunes library) in an interview is worth knowing. Hence, Jennifer Lawrence. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Silver Linings Playbook (don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining, I laughed, and my entire family gave it a thumbs up, which is rare) but I didn’t find the film as a whole to be Academy Award worthy. That said, I have to agree with Jezebel on this one. JLaw is definitely like your BFF – only she has a coveted gold statue. And it’s probably chilling somewhere sufficiently random like in her bathroom or buried in her backyard garden with only Oscar’s shiny head sticking out. Wherever she puts him, he’s lucky to be her most special BFF. Too bad he doesn’t have a Twitter account. That would be awesome. I hope Jennifer Lawrence is hungover somewhere in LA today, eating lots of In-N-Out. She deserves it.

JLaw Falling

*Note to self: Send JLaw a “Thinking of You/Best Wishes” card.

I can relate to what it feels like to trip up the stairs at a black tie event. It happened to me while I was “being presented” (yes, weird, who does that?) my senior year of high school as part of National Charity League. When I got to the stage, I tried to make a joke of it by laughing and bowing. Unfortunately, no one actually witnessed me tripping because the spotlight hadn’t reached me yet. So, the audience just thought I was bowing for myself. Plus, I was basically wearing a wedding dress by Jessica McClintock. Ironically, my best friend (and her mom) reminded me of this moment today:

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.17.48 PM



20. Ice Cream Goes Sexy?

(credit: cbsnews.com)

In an attempt to revamp the Baskin-Robbins brand, “Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks has signed on to become the company’s next spokeswoman (or voice over talent, at least). The voluptuous redhead has yet to physically appear in the advertising campaign. Maybe they don’t want to scare the children away (see picture above). But you can listen to her talk about why mini parfaits are only $2 right now:


That reminds me. When did people stop calling it 31 Flavors??

This isn’t the first “Mad Men” star to cash in on endorsement deals. Both Jon Hamm and John Slattery have lent their voices and personas for luxury car brands Mercedes-Benz and Lincoln, respectively.

What’s another reason BR is so awesome? You can win free ice cream for a year! All you have to do is create the perfect ice cream combination. How do you become a judge for that? Actually, it’s probably better I don’t know because then this could happen:

(That's me shoveling ice cream cake into my mouth)

Whoops, did I forget to sign up for Weight Watchers again?

Oh well. Here are this year’s top ten finalists:

(*Side note: Roseanne Barr should definitely get free scoops of the “She Devil Pie” flavor after her stellar performance in the 1989 movie She Devil)

The 10 finalists and their ice cream flavor creations include:
  • Magic Bar, Leslie Pearson, Orange, CT: This seven layer bar consists of coconut ice cream, dark fudge, graham cracker and chocolate chips.
  • Lemon Icebox Pie, Robert Ryan Reece, Bayonet Point, FL: Tangy lemon ice cream, whipped cream swirls and honey-sweet graham cracker pieces.
  • Snap, Crackle, and Caramel, Christina Brumfield, Colorado Springs, CO: White Chocolate Mousse ice cream with chocolate rice crunchies and caramel sauce.
  • Carmel Batter Bash, Marcia Campbell, Lexington, Mass.: Cake Batter ice cream with Heath Bar and chocolate chips.
  • Chippity Chocolately Chew, Paula Brooks, Westford, Mass.: Chocolate Chip ice cream with a fudge ribbon and fudge brownie pieces.
  • Cold Mine, Judy Gewuerz, Fresh Meadows, NY: Chocolate ice cream with an Oreo icing ribbon, walnuts and fudge brownie pieces.
  • Nutty Creamcheese Brownie, Kelsey Lien, Santa Clarita, CA: Chocolate fudge ice cream with a cream cheese ribbon, walnuts and fudge brownie pieces.
  • She Devil Pie, Kelebra Williams, Compton, CA: Strawberry ice cream with a cream cheese ribbon mixed with pie crust and strawberry pieces.
  • Chocolate Cookie Crumble, Elissa Decarlo, Glenmoore, PA: Chocolate ice cream with an Oreo icing ribbon with chocolate chips and Oreo cookies.
  • Blueberry Bliss, Claudia Gdowski, Dearborn Heights, MI: White Mousse ice cream with blueberries, almond pieces and chocolate flakes.