187. Campbell’s Goes Hipster

Coconut Curry w/ Chicken & Shitake Mushroom

Creamy Smoked Gouda w/ Red Pepper

Creamy Chipotle w/ Roasted Corn and Black Bean Sauce

Golden Lentil w/ Madras Curry

Chicken & Quinoa w/ Poblano Chilies

Moroccan Style Chicken w/ Chickpeas

No, these aren’t the latest creations from your local food truck or the nicer restaurant down the street. These are the new soup flavors from Campbell’s. Yes, Campbell’s. The 140 year-old-company needed a little revitalization so what did they do? They went in search of some good old fashion hipsters. Because hipsters know everything about soup? I find it funny that in order to spice up the everyday “Broccoli and Cheese,” the folks over at Campbell’s turned to cool twenty-something year olds who’ve probably never eaten a can of soup in their lives (unless it was sold at Coachella, of course).

The result? Hipsters in Portland (food truck loving hipsters), San Francisco (foggy hipsters), and Austin (live music hipsters) apparently like to eat soup out of a pouch. Why do I see this being in some sort of Portlandia sketch – specifically within a “Bicycle Rights!” scene (see below). Fred Armisen could easily eat directly out of this new convenient pouch but what’s the fun in that? Picturing him opening a can and trying to use a spoon while dodging cars is definitely funnier. Either way, we’ve got more soup options now thanks to hipsters.

In other soup news, these are coming to Target shelves next week:


164. The Bold Italic

My friend just introduced me to The Bold Italic, a great blog about San Francisco and the people and culture within it. As they like to say “We equip you with the rare intel and unique experiences that define San Francisco. Follow passionate locals as they uncover what makes this city great.” It’s pretty fantastic. The first entry I read was about hangovers and it included cures from folks who have perfected the ultimate remedy after a night of drinking. It’s called Sunday Morning Coming Down. Here’s a preview of one of the cures which includes tomato juice, a margarita (a little hair of dog never hurt anyone), quesadilla suiza with a side of guacamole from Puerto Alegre, Alka-Selzer, and a book:

(credit: thebolditalic.com)

But that’s not all! The Bold Italic also puts on unique events. Their events get you behind-the-scenes with some of the boldest purveyors and merchants in the city. They curate these social gatherings to bring people together who share the same interests — or in many cases, obsessions. Interested in attending? Sign up for their newsletter and immerse yourself in what San Francisco has to offer!

154. Nothing says 4th of July like a Baby in Bloomers & Vietnamese Sandos

Baby Addie and her “firecrackers”

One of my dear friends from college just had her first baby named Adelaide (we all call her Addie) a few weeks ago. She and husband are already the best parents and they even had a bunch of us over to their new place in SF for the 4th of July (hence the flag). We ate, drank, listened to music, sat in the sun, and reminisced about old times and talked about what’s ahead. Time sure does fly by but I’m glad we had a day to sit back, relax, and enjoy each others company.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a typical blogpost without a picture of what we ate during these festivities. Hill and Brandon introduced us to an amazing Vietnamese sandwich shop on Clement St. I got the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Vietnamese Cole Slaw. The roll was perfectly chewy while the rest of the ingredients (shredded carrots, cilantro, and jalapeños) weren’t overpowering at all. They were the perfect complement. Here’s a visual:

Crispy Chicken Sandwich w/ Vietnamese Cole Slaw

I ended the evening down in Palo Alto with my parents. This was slightly awkward since my parents decided to host the annual block party (did I mention I haven’t been to one of these since, um, never?). Basically, it came down to these four things:

  1. I’m now old (but still “the middle daughter”)
  2. I didn’t know half the people there
  3. Kids are finally back on the block
  4. Webster St. folks like their vino!

Blurry but here I am with my fun-loving neighbors, Bettina & Peter

Overall, my fourth of July was fun and eventful. Although I didn’t see any fireworks, I did watch my dog freak out every time a firecracker went off outside.

153. Because…Sometimes Jalapeños Feel Left Out

Jalapeño Popper from American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

That’s why I ordered the Jalapeño Popper at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen this afternoon. I have a love for jalapeños and anything grilled, really. You could put a battery in between two slices of bread and I’d probably eat it. Juicy!

The Jalapeño Popper entails the following: chèvre, monterey jack, applewood smoked bacon, apricot + jalapeño relish on levain. Yep, pretty much heaven in a to-go box. I added an Abita Root Beer (who knew they made soda pop?) and they added a plum (I think to make the whole thing seem healthy). Although the wait was pretty long (roughly 20 minutes), it was the middle of lunch hour in downtown San Francisco and the super cool wall art made up for it.

Wall o’ Grilled Cheese Heaven

If you think you can eat this grilling masterpiece without A) a napkin or B) a water, you are sorely mistaken. Your mouth slowly becomes en fuego but the apricot chutney relish makes you feel like you can handle it. You can’t. Grab a water (or in my case my eyebrows just sweated it out) but enjoy every bite of this cheesy/baconey/sweet and spicy concoction. With this restaurant a block away from my work at 7×7 Magazine, I think my plan to eat better might be sabotaged.  They do have salads? Right, like I’m gonna choose a salad when there’s melted cheese and even a Mac n’ Cheese sando. That’s right. That’s mac n’ cheese between two pieces of bread. Oh well, at least it’s dairy, right?

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152. Meat & Noodles

Chop Chae

Last night, my friends and I went to Korean dinner in Japan town. It was the best meal I’ve ever had and the most full I’ve ever been in my life. I had to take constant breaks and breathe intermittently but it was well worth it. I think we had the entire menu and it was only $32/each. Gonna have to get back to you with the name of the restaurant but for now you can enjoy this picture of delicious meat that we inhaled:

101. Y(you’re)O(overtly)U(unique)!

  “You are worth being you because that’s an advantage.” – Roger S.

I wanted to thank my InDesign teacher, Roger S., over at AcademyX in San Francisco.  He randomly told me this at the end of my four-day class that I took over spring break.  I don’t know Roger’s last name but he’ll always make me smile when I think of him.  He knew everything about Microsoft and Adobe applications and was so used to teaching classes of at least 12 people that when just two of us showed up he still happily said to us “Now, class, please press F1” when instructing.  Thanks Roger S. for teaching me a vital computer program and for the encouragement to move forward and be the best version of myself!

Does this count as one of the best versions of myself?  I definitely think so:

100. That’s One-Hundred.

I’m going to celebrate my 100th post with some pictures from my California coast trip:

The seagulls in Morro Bay, CA like to personally greet you at the beach.

Morro Rock made me feel like I was on Alcatraz. I much preferred the beach side. Mainly because there was salt water taffy and an entire store dedicated to shells.

Guess what these are? We definitely don't have them in the EUG.

Naturally if I was going to buy clip on sunglasses I'd also get my belly button pierced. This proves why the boardwalk is stuck in the '80s.

This man desperately wanted to be Batman. So what did he do? He got a crowd around him, picked out 4 guys to carry him, and had the audience yell out "FLY!"

This is Tally (short for Tamale). She's fancy and fabulous.

I love how SF named this beach "Ocean Beach." It makes me feel like whoever named it had no faith in San Franciscans understanding what a beach was.

"Okay guys, enough with the silent treatment. Now, lets go make a flying V." - bird on right.

81. West Elm Is Having A Dinner Party

(credit: blog.westelm.com)

And you’re invited!  The folks over at Kinfolk Magazine teamed up with West Elm to host dinners across the country. Kinfolk is a quarterly print and tablet guide for small gatherings. Strangers sitting around a gorgeously decorated table and eating a delicious meal with West Elm dinnerware seems like my heaven.  They’ve already hosted two parties in Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY.  Too bad I won’t be in San Francisco on April 28th (the next west coast stop) but if anyone else lives in Austin, Philadelphia, or Toronto you should check this out!

Interested in joining Kinfolk + West Elm for the Brooklyn dinner? Sign up for the lottery at Kinfolk | Dinner Series. If selected, Kinfolk requires $40 payment within 7 days.
Full ticket amount goes to cover cost of food. TICKETS

43. Who knew cabbage could look so good?

My friends, Andi and Dean, have been renovating their San Francisco Victorian for a little over a year now.  It’s amazing to see all of the beautiful work they’ve put into it so I thought I’d share it with ya’ll.  Their bathroom renovation was even voted Best Bathroom Renovation of 2011 on Apartment Therapy. Yep, they’re a pretty big deal.  See more pictures and learn tips on how to remodel on a budget on their blog.

Here’s an example of how winter cabbage can be used as the perfect bedside accessory.  I love Andi and Dean’s thoughtful touches throughout the guest room (quarters on the bedside table is always a plus).

(Winter cabbage, San Francisco books and quarters for the bus on the bedside table.)