236. Everyday (Television) Heroes


The cast of Parks and Recreation is suiting up for super duty thanks to illustrator Vicky Trochez. I think my favorite is Donna, mainly because she looks like a Wonder Woman who’s drank too much of the Kool-Aid.

Check out the rest of the new Justice League:

*Note to self: Tell my cartoon self that Batman Ron and Robin Leslie are out there. She’s been wondering the streets saying hi to random people for a while now…



227. American Ham…And Other Revelations


Watch out Megan Mullally. I saw your husband, Nick Offerman, without his shirt on this weekend. But don’t worry, so did hundreds of other people. They were mostly young guys wearing plaid but that’s neither here nor there. The Parks and Recreation star hit up The Town Hall this past Saturday for his American Ham tour. Over the course of the two-hour show I learned the following about the man who plays beef’s best friend, Ron Swanson:

  • He giggles a lot
  • He thinks Rob Lowe’s face is “like magic”
  • He loves woodworking and meat as much as his character on NBC
  • He’s a romantic (e.g. he’s always made homemade cards for the women in his life)
  • He lives by 10 essential rules – one of them is to “Go outside. And remain.”
  • He’s extremely vulgar (and horny)
  • He agrees that he looks like “a Galifianakis

I’d have to concur:

I don’t know if I can look at Ron the same way after witnessing this one-man show but I am grateful to see a comedian and actor gain so much success at a later age. Granted, he’s only 42, but that’s like 100 in Hollywood years.

*Note to self: Another one of Offerman’s rules to live by is to “Get a hobby. Master something.” Does eating count? If so, I’d be like the CEO of eating. But Nick would be the CMO. As in the “Chief Meat Officer.” Obvi.

16. Treat. Yo. Self!

Aziz Ansari.  I ran into you during a random party I happened upon in NYC at a clothing store in SoHo.  Think it was a store filled with upscale athletic wear.  I’m assuming you were “treating yo self.”  As you should since you rock it on Parks and Recreation every Thursday night.  You also rock it at a Whole Foods aisle somewhere in America.  Check it out: