136. The Mushroom That Changed My Life

No, this isn’t a hamburger. This is a portobello mushroom BACON & BLUE CHEESE burger from Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, Oregon. It’s super vegetarian. Well, except for the bacon. Did I mention the bacon? Hands down, this ranks as one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. It was juicy (almost meat-like!), filling, flavorful, cheesy, mesquite-y (yeah, I just made up that word), smokey, tender, and it had me fooled. I definitely never thought a mushroom burger could taste that good. Lets just say it made me want to create a hashtag based on its mere existence. In fact, let’s do that right now: #themushroombaconbluecheeseburgerfromsambondsmightturnyouintoahalfvegetarian.

Mainly, my point is go there now. Buy it. Eat it. Hashtag it. Repeat.

Here’s the sando cut in half so you can get a better idea of its amazingness:

Happy Eating Everyone!


66. Who is this chick anyway?

(Super grateful for these two people: My parents at their wedding shower)

(I've also got two sisters. One older (left) and one younger (right). That makes me the MIDDLE CHILD. Sorry, I was trying to get your attention.)

57. It only took me three years to order pictures…

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments that I was able to capture in time thanks to the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. Most are from living in New York City but some are from the South, Oregon, and California. Enjoy!

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I have a slight obsession with the IFC series Portlandia.  It’s quirky, hilarious, random, weird, and so true.  Season 2 just began at the beginning of the month.  I love it so much that I decided to make this little video for you:


Read mas aqui: http://oregonconfluence.com/2012/01/12/hollywood-trades-in-the-city-of-stars-for-the-city-of-roses/#more-6833

1. Today I wanted to be a tree…

Mainly because it seemed so peaceful.  Hiking up Spencer Butte this morning, the misty fog wrapped around the trees in a thick blanket, almost protecting them from the rays of sun piercing through.  Standing alone on the trail, I felt small and insignificant compared to the nature surrounding me.  By the time I reached the summit, icicles had attached themselves to the rocks and my feet kept slipping down as I was trying to climb up.  I felt alive and determined to get to the top.  I hadn’t noticed that the fog had traveled with me along my short journey.  It was making its way to the tops of the trees now, moving faster toward the sky.  As I jogged back down the trail, the sun now glistened over the forest as if to say “Hey hikers, look what I helped create!”  Most of the branches were coated with a bright wispy green moss, inspiring me to wear my brightest colored shirt today. Hey, if I can’t be a tree at least I can be influenced by one.