182. Now All We Need Is The Peach Pit

Someone at Old Navy is genius for two reasons:

  1. He/she got Brandon and Dylan to fight over Kelly. Again.
  2. He/she got more people to talk about 90210 in one month than the CW has in over four years.

Yep, and I definitely own the blue shirt that teacher Kelly wears in the commercial. Way to go Old Navy. This certainly beats those damn mannequins trying to sell great deals any day. Let’s just hope the next batch of commercials involves Nat and the Peach Pit.


180. That’s So NYC

Cool New Yorkers in their Cool Outfits Cooling Off at the Thompson Hotel

Personally, I like the couple having a deep moment on the right. Maybe he’s saying “I love you” for the very first time. That is so NYC. This is going to be my new go-to lingo whenever I see something completely over the top ridiculous (and by that I mean lots of beautiful people doing really cool things). I’m sure these Manhattanites would appreciate seeing me apply chapstick every five seconds while I try to hide my upper thighs with a sarong that cost me less than $10 at Old Navy. Even the NY Times thinks hotel pool parties that start way before 5 p.m. on a work night are so NYC. That’s so NYC.