141. MDK Goes BBQing


In honor of it officially being June, I thought I’d share what I love best about this week’s My Drunk Kitchen.  Harto goes BBQing and she isn’t afraid to create a giant glass of semi-Sangria.  It might take a while for me to enjoy beer and chicken for a while but it was well worth it.  Thanks @harto for another creative episode of MDK!


30. My Drunk Kitchen

No, not mine.  But take a look at Hannah Hart’s.  This funny lady is putting every day kitchens and drunk cooking/eating on the map.  Her web series, called My Drunk Kitchen (MDK), has taken YouTube by storm.  Many of her episodes have reached more than 1 million views and now you can buy MDK merchandise online, become a fan on Facebook, listen to MDK podcasts, or talk directly to Hannah on her website.  Her quick wit and random thoughts about life are what makes the show so entertaining (i.e. “At brunch people whine about problems that aren’t actually problems, so let’s do a little bit of that.  I think Whole Foods has really gone down hill.”).

The Huffington Post, Time.com, and LAWEEKLY.com have all written about why she’s so appealing.  She’s even recorded an episode straight from Burning Man.  Here’s a look at one of my personal favorites, her very special Christmas episode:

Season 2 is on its way to the Internet so stay tuned!