168. McDonald’s Offers Healthier Options (But What If It Comes With Large Fries?)

Yes! McDonald’s is finally introducing (or pointing out) their 400 calorie menu. Thank God. Now I can stock up on extra large french fries and switch out my Diet Coke for a chocolate milkshake. I guess I have the Olympic Games to thank for that. I’ll make sure to celebrate by trying one of these items (maybe the Filet o’ Fish since that’s the closest thing to fish n’ chips) during the opening ceremonies. Who cares if it has 18g of fat? It’s under 400 calories!


145. Who Needs The Olympics When There’s Sleeping Bags?

After seeing this image (thank you, Sara Bareilles) I’d like to do the following:

  1. Become friends with these people.
  2. Go camping across the country at the most random places ever (like outside of a McDonalds).
  3. Learn how to extreme jump.
  4. Change my name to Jil.  It’s more jumpable than Carly (see above).
  5. Go to THE NORTH FACE outlet.

They must of had a very soft landing.

47. Hey, McDonald’s You Might Want To Hire This Guy

No, not Matt Lauer.  The kid behind him.

Thanks NBC.