217. Marcel’s Ready For Some Football

In honor of today’s Super Bowl (go Niners!), here’s some things that Marcel the Shell is looking forward to doing every time the 49ers score (in lieu of a touchdown dance):

Celery Slides:

Marcel CeleryDip Dives:

Marcel Scoops

Field Goal Balances:

Marcel Cupcakes

In case you can’t find him during half time, he might be at one of the following places:

The Puppy Bowl (scoping out his competition, even though the judges won’t allow him to play due to his hard shell):

Marcel Puppy Bowl

Snack Stadium (redeeming his title as “Puppy Bowl Champion” with fellow wannabes):
Marcel Food DomeIf you still can’t find him then you might have to just say hello by downloading his app ($6.99) on your smartphone, buying his book, or seeing him on Youtube. Either way, you can definitely get in touch with this little guy. Oh yeah, and he wanted me to tell you that today he’s making an exception and wearing red shoes for the Bay Area fans out there. In fact, he sent me a signed photo this morning:

Marcel Shoes and FootballHave a wonderful and safe time celebrating the Super Bowl everyone!


10. If only Marcel and I could be friends

For those of you that know me, I’m slightly obsessed with a little shell named Marcel (slash I wish I created him myself).  His parents, SNL alum Jenny Slate and filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp, are super cool Brooklynites who one day made a video out of boredom.  The short stop animation film, which is set in their real life apartment, is about a little guy with a little voice (who happens to be a shell).  He has one eye and pink shoes (and lots to say). His first video (see above) got lots of attention (as in 15 million views), which led to a second video.  Now, he’s the star of his very own book called Marcel The Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me, he has a Wikipedia page and an iPhone App, and he is now in talks (with his agent, of course) to do a television series about his little life.

…I can see it now.


The audience claps as MARCEL runs up to the stage at the Emmy Awards.  His little pink shoes aggressively run towards the platform just before the closing music begins.  The presenter (who happens to be his arch nemesis, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS) rolls his eyes and lowers the mic for him.


(breathing heavily into the mic)

I’d like to thank YouTube for letting me take the creative liberties I wanted to with this project and for getting my name out there.  My parents, who see me as more than just a shell…and, God.  I couldn’t have done this without Him.  

He pauses and sniffles.

Marcel (continues)

And, God?  Please try to find my sister who’s still missing after holding onto a balloon.  Thank you.

Jenny and Dean cry lovingly from the front row and nod in agreement.  


I guess this idea isn’t too far from reality.  Jenny and Dean did just pick up a Sundance Award for Best Animated Short in 2010.

(credit: nymag.com)

The best part about Marcel is I constantly think about what it’s like to live in his world.  A straw must be like a super duper slip ‘n slide while a piece of dust must look like a tumbleweed.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, click on the link below to watch an interview between Brian Williams, Marcel, and his parents.


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