175. Matt Piedmont: Viewing Life Through A Comic Lens

(credit: imdb.com)

Last fall, I had the chance to interview Matt Piedmont, a comedy writer that I’ve looked up to for years. From SNL to Casa de mi Padre, this guy has done it all. Find out why he loves Gap khakis, how he broke into Hollywood, and why he feels like Liberace…sometimes.

Matt Piedmont: Viewing Life Through A Comic Lens.


119. Strike A Pose

L.A + 10 Friends + Mystery Shots + White Boa = Memorable Bachelorette Party

97. Grateful for lentils and cake

While I was in Los Angeles last week my friend Jaime (who writes the entertaining blog Day Old News) took me to Gratitude Cafe in Hollywood.  Now, the main reason she took me there was because she knew I’d find it quite hilarious.  That, I did.  Lets just say, here’s the menu:

I ordered the “I AM HUMBLE”, which looked like this:

I think the best part of the experience was when the waitress informed us that the question of the day was “What miracle is happening in your life today?”  I was grateful for that moment.  Then I digged into my lentils and brown rice.

Immediately after dropping off my friend at work, I realized I was only blocks away from Doughboys, the restaurant/bakery that makes the best Red Velvet Cake in LA (you can also mail order it, it’s that good, I promise).  If there’s anything I learned from my time working on The Ellen Degeneres Show, it was that Ellen has great taste in cake.  We each got individual red velvet cakes (like the one below) for her 50th bday show.  You can’t tell in this picture but it’s actually about the size of four cupcakes put together.  It’s feels your soul with sugar and happiness:

Notice the TWO forks inside the bag (which I skillfully asked for even though it was only for me).


96. When In Doubt… Freak Out!

It’s officially Spring Break 2012 and I’m back in California. I’ve been driving down the coast visiting friends and enjoying the views (beach, wineries, more beach!). Next stop is Los Angeles where I plan on eating at my favorite places and catching up with friends. Granted, I’m not on a plane, but if I was I’d like to see this guy outside my window:

Due to my fear of flying most of the time I look like this: