166. Today, I Felt Technologically Insufficient

Dear SF Apple Store,

Thanks for saving me $150 today. I’ll share my story:

I had to go to the Apple store to fix my iPhone 3G (yes, Siri and I are still not friends). Thanks for putting all of your associates in bright blue collared shirts. It made them easy to find. I particularly liked the fake iPhones hanging from their necks with their names written in true Apple Garamond font. I should also point out that there was a seminar going on in the movie theater-esque area of the store on the second level. By the time I left, another seminar had already begun. This time it was about Final Cut Pro. I was tempted to stay but I had to get back to work.

Once my genius bar genius fixed my phone and saved me $150 by restoring my phone (whoo!) but wiped out everything on it (boo), I asked one of the associates if there were any iPhone 3 cases. The woman led me to the lonely clear package at the very top of the display. That was my only option (except for the $79.95 battery charging case). I’ve been living with an insufficient phone for almost 2 years but I don’t want to give in until the latest and greatest (aka the 5G) rolls out in the fall. Yeah, I know, first world problems. Thanks for letting me vent.


This lady

I resorted to wine and fake moustaches yesterday sans technology.


57. It only took me three years to order pictures…

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments that I was able to capture in time thanks to the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. Most are from living in New York City but some are from the South, Oregon, and California. Enjoy!

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14. I want to give my favorite brand a hug…

(credit: apple.com)

That’s because “A brand is something you have an unexplained and emotional connection to,” says Phil Duncan, VP and Global Design Officer for P&G.  He also points out that “the first moment of truth happens when a consumer decides to purchase a particular brand.”

Here’s a perfect example.  I said I’d never buy an iPad.  What’s the point when I already have the iPhone and a MacBook?  Fast forward to yesterday morning and I bought one on a complete whim (well, plus the fact that I got a paycheck in the mail that day also helped).  When the sales guy asked me if I wanted a Verizon or AT&T 3G plan, I hesitated.  Immediately I thought about what awful customer service I’ve had with AT&T as my cell phone provider, what bad reception I’ve gotten, as well as how long they rope you in with their two-year contracts.  But what did I do?  I chose AT&T.  It was purely because it was familiar.  I knew what I was getting (even though in my mind it wasn’t that great).  At least if I was calling to gripe about my cell phone I could talk to them about an iPad issue at the same time 🙂  Heck, I felt like giving them another chance with my new shiny iPad.

Duncan concludes his interview with author Debbie Millman in her book entitled Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits by stating:

Take one (brand) away and I’m not sure anyone would fall over and declare, “If I don’t have my valued paper towel, my life is going to fall apart”.  But without these small, but important, benefits, life would be different.  When you put them all together, you have something very powerful.