225. Falafel and All

Seeing this at 3pm:

Taim MobileLed to eating this at 6pm:


And, no, the guy who was creeped out by my picture taking abilities above did not join me for dinner this evening. I set out for the actual Taim restaurant once it was appropriate to eat another meal (although I was contemplating having a second lunch at 3pm). I always love coming to this location because it’s on one of my favorite streets in New York – Waverly Pl. This was where I discovered Hipstamatic’s Loftus Lens (Foodie SnapPak) while waiting for my order. I have a strong feeling my future meals and my phone will become great friends as a result. But not as good a friends as I plan to be with Jennifer Lawrence. For now, I suggest trying the Harissa, Green, or Red Falafel Sandwich from Taim. It’s filled with yummy goodness.* Although, my roommate would beg to differ as she swears Mamoun’s Falafel is the best in the city.

*Yummy goodness = falafel, hummus, israeli salad, pickled cabbage, and tahini sauce

**Note to self: Warn my jeans that they may be getting tighter.


174. NYC or Bust


After I graduated from college in 2002, I wanted to become a sitcom writer. After being out in “the real world” for 10 years, I’ve realized how hard it is to actually fulfill that dream. I’m always writing and creating but right now my goal over the next few months is to get back to New York City, the place I can’t wait to call home..again.

In my attempt to get the gold medal in networking, I’m doing a little shameless promotion in order to secure a job in “The Big Apple.” You may be wondering, who is this lady? What’s her deal? Well, I recently earned my graduate degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and I’m a reliable, witty, creative, fun-loving, and very energetic girl (can you say that after the age of 30?) who just wants to get back to Manhattan (or Brooklyn!). If you’re wondering what I can bring to a company here are a few things that I have done:

I’ve written a daily column for CBS New York about the “5 Best Things To Do Tonight In NYC” for almost 2 years:

I’ve discovered my love for Photoshop and copywriting:

(Images shot by Carly Petrone, promotions are fictional)

I’ve created a website re-design (5 pages) for Emerald Lanes, a Eugene-based bowling alley:

I’ve become obsessed with photography (specifically with Hipstamatic (iPhone app)):

Click here to see photos from NYC.

Other examples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know I graduated in a time where jobs are few and far between. Instead of feeling defeated and overwhelmed, I’ve decided to be proactive and express what I can bring to a company as an employee. I’m looking to work in a space where I can grow and write and create. Please get in touch with me via email or comment on this post if you feel I would be a good fit for your company or organization. Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

35. Yeehaw! My Americana Road Trip

Last June I moved from Manhattan to Eugene.  I decided to rent a car and explore this wonderful country that I live in.  I was able to meet up with friends and family throughout my trip, which was the best part. At the time, I was also obsessed with the Hipstamatic app on my phone.  Here’s a sample of some of the places I visited via my Hipstamatic prints: