119. Strike A Pose

L.A + 10 Friends + Mystery Shots + White Boa = Memorable Bachelorette Party


2. 3191 Visual Blogging

I absolutely LOVE this idea: http://3191.visualblogging.com/

Welcome to the new 3191 Miles Apart! Here we post weekly thoughts and images about simple living and our current inspirations. You will find pieces on food and drink, our homes and everyday lives, our neighborhoods, our inspirations and our travels. We post on Fridays (or on the weekend if we’re running behind) and do not discuss our ideas at all beforehand. Happily, we will also be continuing our tradition, now in its fourth year, of diptychs. Each week we will take photographs on Sundays to be paired together here; as ever, MAV is always on the left, Stephanie on the right. We will title this new project, appropriately, A Year of Sundays.

Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us!
—Stephanie & MAV

12 August 2011