229. Knotting Hill By Way Of Oz

Friends with Benefits

Thanks to a very nervous Chris Stark, BBC Radio’s newest DJ sidekick turned press junket master, we got to meet the real Mila Kunis. And she rocks. In lieu of talking about her new film, Oz: The Great and Powerful, she kept inquiring about Stark’s favorite local pub and what he likes to do. Completely caught off guard, Stark found himself inviting her to a local football match and teaching her about something called Lad Bombs (a double vodka Red Bull with a Jager shot). I’m glad he kept going with the nervous banter, rather than listening to his producer on the sidelines. I didn’t need to hear about what it was like to work with James Franco since I grew up with the guy.*

*Yes, he was adorable and went by the name Teddy in high school. He won best smile senior year. He also looked like Jordan Catalano with his wool-collared, leather jacket-wearing abilities.

But back to the interview. Here it is:

**Note to self: Track down Stark’s “boys” (aka Sir Dossier, The Convict, and Chango the Beast) so I can buy them a drink that’s perfectly suited for a 25 year-old. Oh right, that’s a Lad Bomb. Cheers!


217. Marcel’s Ready For Some Football

In honor of today’s Super Bowl (go Niners!), here’s some things that Marcel the Shell is looking forward to doing every time the 49ers score (in lieu of a touchdown dance):

Celery Slides:

Marcel CeleryDip Dives:

Marcel Scoops

Field Goal Balances:

Marcel Cupcakes

In case you can’t find him during half time, he might be at one of the following places:

The Puppy Bowl (scoping out his competition, even though the judges won’t allow him to play due to his hard shell):

Marcel Puppy Bowl

Snack Stadium (redeeming his title as “Puppy Bowl Champion” with fellow wannabes):
Marcel Food DomeIf you still can’t find him then you might have to just say hello by downloading his app ($6.99) on your smartphone, buying his book, or seeing him on Youtube. Either way, you can definitely get in touch with this little guy. Oh yeah, and he wanted me to tell you that today he’s making an exception and wearing red shoes for the Bay Area fans out there. In fact, he sent me a signed photo this morning:

Marcel Shoes and FootballHave a wonderful and safe time celebrating the Super Bowl everyone!

207. Mat Kearney Wins The Day

In honor of the Ducks winning the Fiesta Bowl over the weekend, singer Mat Kearney decided to write a song and dedicate it to  head coach football Chip Kelly. There’s speculation that Kelly is leaving to go pro (possibly with the Cleveland Browns). Not only is the song catchy but it’s spawned a website where you can buy t-shirts with various lyrics on them (i.e. “Buffalo’s Freezing”). As a recent graduate of the UO, I have to say that Chip Kelly has made Oregon football what it is today. Let’s just hope he stays with the green and yellow!

Mat Kearney definitely “wins the day” with this song. Also, I love how he busts out the “O” at the end of this. #truefanofeugene

Chip Don't Go

*Note to self: Remind myself to pitch the ad below to the UO Bookstore. I think my friend Amber Hogan would approve as owner of this furry animal named Tucker: