96. When In Doubt… Freak Out!

It’s officially Spring Break 2012 and I’m back in California. I’ve been driving down the coast visiting friends and enjoying the views (beach, wineries, more beach!). Next stop is Los Angeles where I plan on eating at my favorite places and catching up with friends. Granted, I’m not on a plane, but if I was I’d like to see this guy outside my window:

Due to my fear of flying most of the time I look like this:



8. So I’ve been thinking about Oprah lately…

While watching the mash-up of 30 Rock, I was reminded that Oprah guest starred in the season premiere a few years ago.  She used to be such a part of my life and now the only time I hear from or about her is on Facebook ( in case you’re wondering she has over 6 million friends).  It made me realize how much influence she really has had on America and beyond.  If anyone is a brand in this country it’s Oprah Winfrey.  Since attending to the University of Oregon, I’ve associated an “O” with the school.  Prior to that, however, if I saw that initial somewhere I’d automatically think of Oprah.  I’m wondering how her network is doing and if she’ll come back to television in a more mainstream way anytime soon.  I think her network is a great idea but you have to have the most premium type of cable in order to view it.

Well, Oprah Winfrey, you’re still one of the most recognized brands in the world and I’m just happy I got to meet you.  I still can’t believe I ever did this: