207. Mat Kearney Wins The Day

In honor of the Ducks winning the Fiesta Bowl over the weekend, singer Mat Kearney decided to write a song and dedicate it to  head coach football Chip Kelly. There’s speculation that Kelly is leaving to go pro (possibly with the Cleveland Browns). Not only is the song catchy but it’s spawned a website where you can buy t-shirts with various lyrics on them (i.e. “Buffalo’s Freezing”). As a recent graduate of the UO, I have to say that Chip Kelly has made Oregon football what it is today. Let’s just hope he stays with the green and yellow!

Mat Kearney definitely “wins the day” with this song. Also, I love how he busts out the “O” at the end of this. #truefanofeugene

Chip Don't Go

*Note to self: Remind myself to pitch the ad below to the UO Bookstore. I think my friend Amber Hogan would approve as owner of this furry animal named Tucker:



169. The Little Red Wagon That Could

mmmmmm, ice cream pops

I keep thinking about Red Wagon Creamery because it’s yummy and it’s no longer within a few blocks of my apartment. Since moving from Eugene, I’ve kept up to date with the little company’s success thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Since I wrote about them last summer, it looks like they’ve added seasonal flavors like “Tracktown Breakfast” and “Olive Oil with Roasted Strawberry-Basil Jam Swirl.” Yum! For those of you who want to learn more about the adorable artisan ice cream company read my post from last summer. Keep on trucking’ Emily and Stuart!

148. I May Not Have Ironed My Robe But I Did Get My Master’s Degree!


It’s hard to believe that I now have my master’s degree. I graduated from the University of Oregon last Monday and the next day I left for SF to start my internships at 7×7 magazine and Barc SF (a small advertising agency). I did manage to wear my hat backwards and my hood inside out so I had that going for me. I can’t thank my professors enough for supporting me throughout the year and providing me with new vital skills that I know I can take into the job market. Being up in Eugene was great, even though it felt strange at first having moved from New York City. I won’t miss the rain but I will miss all the green trees, hiking Spencer Butte, and paying $2 for a beer.  My small cohort of 8 have all gone on to do different things and it’s crazy to think that just a year ago we were all sitting in the library conference room introducing ourselves. Thank you SOJC and everyone up in Eugene who made the last year so rewarding.  Onto the next adventure!

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146. 2 kids and an adult walk into a barcade…

This is August.  He’s 3 years-old and he can rock the mini bowling game at Blair Alley like nobody’s business. See pictures of this cutie pie in action and learn more about how barcades are making their way to the bar scene in Eugene. Click here to read more!

142. A Stroll Through The EUG

On my fake walk of shame this morning (coming from a girlfriend’s house after a night out with clutch in hand) I noticed how beautiful our street is.  West Broadway is full of lush trees and blooming flowers and the sun was showing them off perfectly today.  I was able to snap some great pictures on my slow walk home.  Ah…spring time in the EUG.

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136. The Mushroom That Changed My Life

No, this isn’t a hamburger. This is a portobello mushroom BACON & BLUE CHEESE burger from Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, Oregon. It’s super vegetarian. Well, except for the bacon. Did I mention the bacon? Hands down, this ranks as one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. It was juicy (almost meat-like!), filling, flavorful, cheesy, mesquite-y (yeah, I just made up that word), smokey, tender, and it had me fooled. I definitely never thought a mushroom burger could taste that good. Lets just say it made me want to create a hashtag based on its mere existence. In fact, let’s do that right now: #themushroombaconbluecheeseburgerfromsambondsmightturnyouintoahalfvegetarian.

Mainly, my point is go there now. Buy it. Eat it. Hashtag it. Repeat.

Here’s the sando cut in half so you can get a better idea of its amazingness:

Happy Eating Everyone!

129. Ducks Fly East To Manhattan

Oh, look at us!  Here we are about 10 days ago eagerly awaiting our trip to visit ad agencies in New York City.  None of us had any idea what to expect.  Especially me.  I didn’t know a single person as the lone grad student but I was ready to find out more about the fascinating world of advertising.

This trip was a sentimental one because I just moved from New York City last June.  As soon as I landed, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel.  Overwhelmed?  Over it?  Exhausted? In love all over again?  It was everything I remembered it to be and more (even the rain we brought from Oregon couldn’t damper my affection for the Big Apple).  I found myself actually missing the blaring sound of the alarm going off in the subway and the unsettling feeling of being in a taxi with the least safest driver in the city.

In a nutshell, what I took away from this past week is that I want to work in an environment that encourages quirky behavior and strange ideas. I want to be surrounded by smart and curious people.  I don’t want to feel stifled by the man at the top or the corporate rules of working at a large organization.  If I can get paid for voicing my ideas and putting them down on paper, I’ll be one happy lady.

I left Eugene wanting to work at a large agency but I walked away intoxicated by the smaller companies like Big Spaceship and Mr. Youth.  These were places where everyone came together (CEO & Jr. Strategist) for a common cause: to create the best campaign for their clients.  As someone who has worked in the dreaded cubicle, it was refreshing to see agencies where there weren’t any dividers.  Although, I was disappointed to see only 2 ping-pong tables out of the 6 agencies we visited, many of the offices made up for it with these quirky accessories and decorations:

DDB had their very own Ronald MacDonald (who inappropriately asked me to lei him upon arrival).

Ogilvy shared their editing bay with us. This included old school “astronaut-like” equipment (like tapes!)

My personal favorite: the Women’s bathroom at Mr. Youth.

Overall, I have to say this was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life.  I got to immerse myself in a world I’ve always wanted to know more about (thank you Deb Morrison) and I was able to get a feel for what a “9 to 5” job in the creative field really entails.  I also learned the following: typography matters, making your partner look better is key, people at agencies like to say the word “nimble,” and presenting a campaign idea at Wieden + Kennedy is pretty f*$%#@g awesome.

Now, if only I could figure out why these two people forgot to put their shirts on:

88. Thank God it’s not Thanksgiving

Saw this on my morning run the other day…

Wild turkeys roam free in the streets of Eugene, Oregon

I stopped dead in my tracks as the woman in the house next to me took pictures with her camera.  I even stopped a biker to ask if I should “call someone.”  Like I know who to call when stumbling across a bunch of turkeys?  “Hi, I just saw a group of wild turkeys at 1234 Monroe St.  Send help!  Thank you, Officer.”  I later learned that these turkeys have been roaming around West Eugene for about a month.  One neighbor even leaves food out for them.  Could you imagine taking your dog for a walk and coming across these guys?  That would be one crazy stand off.

66. Who is this chick anyway?

(Super grateful for these two people: My parents at their wedding shower)

(I've also got two sisters. One older (left) and one younger (right). That makes me the MIDDLE CHILD. Sorry, I was trying to get your attention.)

35. Yeehaw! My Americana Road Trip

Last June I moved from Manhattan to Eugene.  I decided to rent a car and explore this wonderful country that I live in.  I was able to meet up with friends and family throughout my trip, which was the best part. At the time, I was also obsessed with the Hipstamatic app on my phone.  Here’s a sample of some of the places I visited via my Hipstamatic prints: