253. Red, White House & Blue


There’s no better place to celebrate the 4th of July than in Washington D.C., right?

Actually I can think of one better place: at THE WHITE HOUSE.

Thanks to my good friend Kerry (who works for VP Joe Biden), I get the crazy opportunity to dine with the President at his annual 4th of July Garden Party (OK, so he’ll probably stay inside, but still, I get to grub on some ribs on the FREAKIN WHITE HOUSE LAWN).

I was invited to this amazing shindig a few weeks ago while I was walking back from the Museum Mile Festival along 5th Avenue. Just minutes after texting back the words “YES, OF COURSE I’LL COME” to Kerry, what did I do? I slipped and fell on the sidewalk and broke my ankle.



But am I gonna let that stop me from potentially hanging out with these guys?

Secret Service


With that said, I’ve been obsessively shopping online (since I’m couch bound), trying to figure out the perfect outfit. Potential options include:

So far I’m leaning toward the RBL Maxi Dress and the red studs. Since it will be July in D.C. it’s going to be hot and humid (my favorite weather combination) so I’ll most likely sweat through whatever outfit I decide to wear. Swamp back here I come. Oh, yeah, and I’ll definitely be rocking a large leg brace (and possibly crutches). But it’ll be well worth it to have the chance to watch an incredible outdoor concert (yes, I know who’s performing but I can’t reveal it yet), chat with some interesting people, and watch fireworks from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Make sure to check back next month to find out all about it!

*Note to self: Buy Bo some 4th of July doggie treats. That way if this ends up happening, I’ll be prepared:

Bo Chase


86. For the love of a Golden Girl

A Dorothy for each ear

Personally, I think these would be better if one earring was Dorothy and the other was Sophia. I mean, double Dorothy is great, but why not represent the entire Petrillo family? Long live this mama and daughter duo!

64. What a stud

Now your ears can be musical and stylish at the same time!  This way, if you get caught singing or humming to yourself you can blame your earrings.  These cute studs were on Etsy, one of my favorite sites (shameless plug).  It’s a place where homemade knick knacks can be bought and sold.  You’ll find everything from bird themed pillows to toile patterned bathing suits.  If you are a musician (or just love music) and have ears (wait, we all do!) I think you should buy these.  ‘Nuff said.

Click here to see some more musical options for your ears.