232. Krollin’ It Up

Kroll and Car copy

From Ruxin to The Douche, comedian Nick Kroll certainly knows how to charm the ladies (hence, me ending up on stage with him above). Luckily, this guy has more up his sleeve than moustaches and wine (although that would be a kick ass name for a speed dating event…or a kickball team…either one). For some reason I like this little Jewish morsel and I like his new Comedy Central sketch show even more. Kroll Show is certainly off to a hilarious start. With the second season already in the works, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Liz & Liz (thank you Jenny Slate) and Dr. Armond (the fact that you have an OKCupid profile is genius). Which is good for me because I could hear this European guy say, “We so much can eat as much as we want and we never get heavy because of olive oil” all day long. Viva la France!

*Note to self: Find out if PubLIZity is hiring. Because you know I could sell the shit out of Yogurt Water. We all know how much I love Chobani.


18. Big Time Bummer…

I missed my chance to see Demetri Martin perform at the McDonald Theatre.  His show is already sold out here in the EUG.  Anyone who quits law school to become a stand-up comedian gets points in my book.  In case you’re not familiar with this hilarious fellow he often incorporates music (he’s a one-man band) into his act, and is possibly best known for using markers and a giant paper tablet to create visual jokes.  He makes sketches, analyzes, and rearranges words to create humor.  Here’s a classic example from his Comedy Central series he had a few years back called Important Things with Demetri Martin: