257. Recipe Faves

Three Cheese "Mexican Style" Sausage Dogs with Avo

Three Cheese “Mexican Style” Sausage Dogs with Avo

Ok, so it’s not like I cook a lot but I had to share some of recipes that have popped up in my Facebook and Instagram feeds (yes, I do follow Chobani online – should you be surprised knowing my obsession with Chobani?). Take for example this amazing hot dog recipe above. How come I never thought to combine avocado with one of my favorite BBQ dishes? I mean, if avo was a condiment offered at my local hot dog stand, I’d probably pile it so high that I’d completely forget about the hot dog. This recipe came from a blog I’ve been following for years called Noble Pig. The woman behind this virtual yumminess is Cathy, who is a certified winemaker, wife, and mother, living up in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Plus she went to my alma mater, UC Davis. Go Aggies! Her recipes are fast and delicious, and you really feel connected to her and her family. It’s hometown cooking at it’s best.

Just when I thought my obsession with Chobani yogurt couldn’t get any worse, I came across the company’s recipe site. Oh God. I want to try them all! From Protein Packed Pancakes (see below) to creamy salad dressings, this greek-style yogurt packs a punch to any mundane recipe.

Chobani's Protein Packed Pancakes

Chobani’s Protein Packed Pancakes

Finally, the last recipe I came across recently was for a light summer pasta dish. The constant heat wave we are experiencing here in NYC (or should I just say, er, summer) makes me want to eat ice cream constantly. But since I can’t really eat ice cream for dinner (not every night, at least), this Cavatappi with Bacon and Summer Vegetables does the trick. The smokiness of the bacon paired with the crispy summer vegetables is the perfect combination for this hot weather.

Cavatappi with Bacon and Summer Vegetables

Cavatappi with Bacon and Summer Vegetables

So, with that said, I guess it’s time to break out the pots and pans in my un-airconditioned apartment. Hopefully, my roommates won’t mind me looking like this in the kitchen:


*Note to self: Find other recipes specifically tailored for hot weather – like maybe something I can make while sitting in a kiddie pool.


232. Krollin’ It Up

Kroll and Car copy

From Ruxin to The Douche, comedian Nick Kroll certainly knows how to charm the ladies (hence, me ending up on stage with him above). Luckily, this guy has more up his sleeve than moustaches and wine (although that would be a kick ass name for a speed dating event…or a kickball team…either one). For some reason I like this little Jewish morsel and I like his new Comedy Central sketch show even more. Kroll Show is certainly off to a hilarious start. With the second season already in the works, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Liz & Liz (thank you Jenny Slate) and Dr. Armond (the fact that you have an OKCupid profile is genius). Which is good for me because I could hear this European guy say, “We so much can eat as much as we want and we never get heavy because of olive oil” all day long. Viva la France!

*Note to self: Find out if PubLIZity is hiring. Because you know I could sell the shit out of Yogurt Water. We all know how much I love Chobani.

223. I Might Name My First Born Chobani


1. Apparently, Chobani had its own line of honey.


2. And olive oil


3. Also, this is the most refreshing thing I’ve ever eaten.

Chobani SoHo

Bottom line – go to Chobani’s SoHo yogurt bar if you’re in New York City. My prediction is that this little gem (and yummy protein-packed snack) will become the go-to place for models who are busy running on go-sees. Although, they’ll probably just get the plain yogurt flavor while I’ll most likely try all ten. The store also has specials like Smoked Salmon + Dill, which sounds a little scary but I like a brand that takes risks. Chobani will even let you email them new flavor ideas. I thought I loved this yogurt back when I discovered their  pineapple flavor:

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 3.50.52 PM

But now my affection for the Greek yogurt is at a whole new level. So, if you haven’t heard from me in a while, you might want to see if I’m passed out on the cedar benches inside the store. There may or may not be honey running down the side of my face. But that’s okay, I can always buy more. Then I can make these yummy recipes.

*Note to self: Last time I visited here, a shaman walked up to me and gave me her card as I was enjoying my Pistachio + Chocolate concoction. She apparently has healing powers (and a giant butterfly tattoo on her chest). Here’s a visual:

Front of Card

Front of Card

Back of Card

Back of Card

218. Kost


Attention New Year’s Resolutioners…Resolutionaries…whatever you’d like to be called. If your plan was to ditch those extra pounds before spring wedding season then I’ve got the diet for you. It’s new. It’s easy. And all you have to do is find your nearest Ikea. That’s right folks, for a mere trip to the land of overpriced Swedish furniture you can enjoy a cheap, fresh, and healthy meal that will have your Weight Watcher friends drooling.

I find it hard to always choose the healthy option, especially when living in New York City, the land of amazing restaurants and specialty bakeries like Schmackaray’s (don’t get me started on their Maple Bacon Cookie) and Alice’s Tea Cup. That’s why I found myself at Ikea yesterday (ok, really it was because I desperately needed a slim dresser for my tiny bedroom). But, once I heard my stomach growling, I knew it was time for some famous Ikea Swedish Meatballs. Looking at the menu, however, I realized that ultimately, I didn’t need to eat 15 meatballs served with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, and lingonberries. But it was only $3.99!

Then I had a brilliant idea – the kids menu. Of course! That way I could eat a few of my favorite meatballs (5 in total), get a smaller portion of mashed potatoes, and add a salad bar for greens and volume. I grabbed some fresh fruit and Chobani yogurt (latest obsession) for snack later and opted for a bottled water instead of soda. I found that I was more than content with my selection and I had a balanced meal in front of me.

Here’s what could await you the next time you decide to buy and build a Hemnes Shoe Cabinet:

Ikea Diet

Or you could just show up for lunch. Or dinner. Or breakfast. Ikea’s got it all (starting at just $.99)! Plus, when you’re done, you’ll have more energy to pull down those boxes that weigh more than you do from the rafters. Just don’t blame me when you get home and spend 5+ hours looking for the one screw that’s missing from the box. At least you got a healthy meal out of it!

In case your wondering, here’s how my “shoe cabinet” (aka “everything that doesn’t fit in my closet” cabinet) turned out:


*Note to self: Call Ikea to ask about possible spokesperson opportunities. Let them know that I’d be happy to travel around the world in the name of meatballs and a hefty discount.

**In case you’re wondering what Kost means. It’s Swedish for diet.