280. Tracy Morgan and Hannibal Buress Walk Into A Bar…

(credit: Joyce Culver)

(credit: Joyce Culver)

Okay, not really. But they totally could have. But sometimes Tracy Morgan stops by the 92nd Street Y to talk to comedian Hannibal Buress about his life and the world of standup. This just so happened to occur last Wednesday night. Check out my latest article for CBS to find out how these two hilarious guys cracked each other up.

*Note to self: Remember to ask Brian Fellows how he’s doing.


247. The Big Apple Is Peeing In Its Pants

Mainly because of these 5 people. They’re funny New Yorkers. Like, really funny. I got the chance to sit down with Emily, Hari, Scott, Robyn, Mark for CBS New York. Click here to learn more about these up and coming comedians.

Boom. You’re welcome.

*Note to self: Try to incorporate the word “boom” into everyday life situations. For example, “Boom. I’m your roommate. Deal with it.” or “Boom. I just opened a bank account.” Opening up a bank account is a big deal. It at least deserves a “boom” (or a mic drop).