275. Loner Birthday


Guess I was the only February birthday at work. More cake for me. (The guy behind me had more important phone things to deal with.)

*Note to self: Next year’s goal – Learn how to blow out candles more efficiently.


270. Why My Valentine’s Day Sucks More Than Yours

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 7.38.23 PM

Yes, Valentine’s Day is my birthday. And, yes, it sucks.

Here’s why Why My Valentine’s Day Sucks More Than Yours story on Tapestry. You’ll get to hear me complain some more.

#AtLeastIGetFlowers #FromMyDad

*Remind my future husband that he can’t give me a birthday gift and then also use it as my Valentine’s Day present.

221. The Big 3-3

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my fabulous birthday/Valentine pancakes and mimosa (Clinton St. Bakery’s Raspberry Chocolate Chunk with caramel sauce, it’s also Pancake Month) and seriously rich hot chocolate (The City Bakery’s Love Potion Hot Chocolate, it’s Hot Chocolate Festival time). Apparently, New York City makes up for the fact that it’s February by throwing amazing food and drink concoctions at you. It’s okay to drool. In fact, it’s encouraged.



Also, the Gap currently sells yoga pants for children…in case you were wondering. BTW, these were definitely called “leggings” back in 1991 (when I shopped at Gap Kids):


*Note to self: Befriend a child yogi. Ask about any tips he/she might have on how to fit into a child’s size yoga pant.

60. Who knew Miley Cyrus did birthday cake appearances?

(credit: Stacey Hollis)

Thanks Stacey Hollis for creating this masterpiece for my Valentine Birthday!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all.  I hope everyone feels the love today no matter where you are 🙂