262. Three’s Company

Got to see Mario Cantone and Susie Essman interview each other about their lives tonight at the Triad Theater (well, I guess it’s now called Stage 72). Let’s just say I was about three decades too young to be there (and to understand the references) but it was a good laugh overall. Joy Behar happened to be in the audience supporting her friends and I could spot her big red hair from my balcony seat. Surprisingly, Mario has a great singing voice but talking to him must be like talking to someone with multiple personality disorder – he couldn’t go 5 minutes without doing/singing an impression. Entertaining guy but sheesh! He mentioned his love for Judy Garland and how he was born with the cord wrapped around his neck with a microphone attached at the end. A true performer!

Loved this cramped New York theater on the Upper West Side. Seats were right next to each other and stage was tiny but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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