251. All I Want Is A Cold Floor

Roxy BelleMy parents dog, Roxy, has got it right. I always made fun of her for having to find the coldest part of the house (normally the wooden floors in the living room, hence picture above). But this week, during New York City’s heatwave, all I’ve wanted to do is rest my body on some cool flooring. Granted, I actually do have hardwood floors in my apartment but they’re pretty nasty and definitely aren’t cold. Instead, I’ve found myself taking lots of near-freezing cold showers (which with a broken ankle takes some maneuvering). What do you do to stay cool in the summer heat? And this isn’t a rhetorical question. I really do want to know how to cool down – otherwise you might find me dumping buckets of snow onto my back patio (where I’ll get snow is beyond me but damn it I’ll find it). Then I’ll promptly recreate this version of a snow angel:


*Note to self: Make sure the ankle boot brace I’m sporting is snow friendly. Actually, my yellow boots seem broken ankle friendly, right? I think so.


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