246. O’Brien On Fire


Last month I hit up Union Pool in Brooklyn to watch a bunch of comedians (including the hilarious Mike O’Brien) perform in The Moon, a monthly variety show where everyone from banjo players to comic book lovers hit the stage. Before I knew it I found myself buying Mr. O’Brien his next cocktail (hence photo above) and chatting with him about living la vida loca. Although there was no mention of Ricky Martin, we did chat about what he was contributing to the evening: a short story about a renegade cop named Buck McCoy. The good thing about the Union Pool venue is it’s tiny – small enough to really enjoy an intimate show. Mike certainly brought his deadpan storytelling skills to the stage (as well as a plethora of late night snacks).

Yep, that's a deli sandwich.

Yep, that’s a deli sandwich.

I also had the chance to hear the Union Street Preservation Society perform. This folksy, bluegrass, banjo-playing band was so entertaining. Sara Bouchard’s voice reminded me of a young Natalie Merchant with a bit more playfulness behind it while Alex Borsody’s Dobro playing skills had me thinking, “what the hell type of instrument is he playing up there?” With a fiddler and an upright bassist added to the mix, this Brooklyn-based group had the audience cheering from the very first note. Make sure to check them out next time they play in NYC.

Union Street Preservation Society

Union Street Preservation Society

Side note: I did end up on stage as part of one of the show’s fun intermission games. I was told to act out the sentence “Oh my stars and garters!” I didn’t win but I did walk away with four shiny comic books by Jeff Smith (yes, totally random):


Tickets for The Moon are only $5 and it’s well worth the trek out to Brooklyn to see some of today’s funniest (and randomly talented) people perform at such a small venue.

*Note to self: Next time I buy a drink for a comedy hero of mine, make sure to send my #/info on a napkin (this drastically reduces the chances of me awkwardly waving my arms at him like a mad woman).



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