244. #PrayForBoston

Jessica and Eric minutes after finishing the 2013 Boston Marathon

Jessica and Eric minutes after finishing the 2013 Boston Marathon

This is the picture that all Boston Marathon runners should have been posting yesterday. Instead, a tragedy occurred at the finish line just hours after these courageous athletes started out on their 26.2 mile journey. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened at 2:50 p.m. yesterday that cost an 8 year-0ld boy his life, when all he wanted to do was hug his dad at the end of the race. Two other innocent people lost their lives yesterday while hundreds more suffered severe to critical injuries. What possessed someone to plant two bombs during such a joyous and momentous event? I don’t think we’ll ever understand.

I was so relieved to find out that my good friend, Jess, and her boyfriend were safe after crossing the finish line yesterday. As a former reporter for Fortune magazine and current Facebook employee, Jess had the opportunity to share her view of what happened minutes after she finished the race. She also emphasized the importance of social media and the role it played in the aftermath of yesterday’s devastating event. May we all remember to love each other today and be thankful for those closest to us.


If you would like to help those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings click here.


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