241. Salad Monday

Salad Monday

This week’s Salad Monday is brought to you by Finally It’s Spring. That’s right folks, today was the first time I was able to get a salad “to go” at my local corner store and head straight to Central Park because it wasn’t 40 degrees outside. There was no snow. There were no puddles of slush. There wasn’t even a street vendor selling scarves and earmuffs on the sidewalk. I was so happy that I eagerly sat in the sun, sans sunscreen, and immediately thought of the popsicle I was going to buy (let’s get real, when I say “popsicle” I really mean the mojito I was gonna buy from the shady dude walking around with a plastic bag filled with ice). I plan on being on a first name basis with that guy by the time spring rolls into summer. That’s my goal, at least.

*Note to self: Don’t ever wear a see-through bra and act like it’s a bathing suit top like one individual did in front of me today. Then, definitely don’t start throwing a football around or riding a bike in circles. And, yes, she did.


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