234. The Art of Sleeping

Tilda Swinton in a glass box, MoMA, New York City

I too like to sleep in all denim.

Some of you may have heard that Oscar award winner Tilda Swinton is expanding her artistic roots. And no, I don’t mean she’s painting on the side. In fact, she sleeping in public. The British actress is bringing back Cornelia Parker’s 1995 performance art piece entitled “The Maybe” to the Museum of Modern Art. Over the course of the next year, you’ll find her sporadically sleeping inside a transparent box with nothing but a bed and a jug of water.

My first thought upon reading this was, why isn’t US Weekly all over this? This should be front and center in the publication’s Stars Are Just Like Us section. I’m sure other celebs who have a hard time keeping their eyes open (ahem, Lindsay Lohan) would be happy to participate.

Us LiLo

My second thought was, what if she has to take an Ambien and ends up sleep walking around the museum? This could frighten many a middle school class on spring break. Then again, maybe it’ll make performance art more exciting. I say go for it Tilda. Besides, it doesn’t seem like this is that out of the ordinary for you. Plus, it makes Twitter hash tagging (#TheMaybe) more fun. Let’s just hope no one steals your thunder and starts randomly planking next to you.

*Note to self: Contact the MoMA to see if I can participate. I’m really good at sleeping (and drooling).


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