233. Salad Monday, Week Dos

This morning, I could have used a coffee.


But then I remembered it was Salad Monday! Hence, my excitement when it came time to order lunch at Panera Bread (it’s the little things). Since I can’t read anything unless it’s three inches away from my face, I got to the counter with no knowledge of which salad to order. So, I went for the first one I could finally see on the menu – the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. Granted, they forgot the gorgonzola cheese but that was probably better since I’m trying to cut out cheese from my diet (on the weekdays at least, who can resist late weekend night pizza?). The salad included romaine lettuce, spring mix with baby spinach, pecan pieces, dried apples, onion, tomatoes, citrus & pepper chicken, and white balsamic fuji apple vinaigrette. Here’s a visual:

Chicken-Fuji-Apple-Salad-PaneraI’m sure it had more calories than a salad I would make at home but I found it to be a refreshing option. What are you favorite salads in NYC? Tweet me at @carlypea and I’ll make sure to try them on another Salad Monday. Happy eating!

*Note to self: Don’t look up the nutritional values of your favorite foods unless you want to end up eating an entire bag of Oreos or chips or whatever else is in your pantry out of guilt. #knowledgeisntalwayspower



  1. No cheese on weekdays? Now that would be a real challenge for me!

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