226. Hello, Kitty

Hello Kitty

I’ve never understood the world’s obsession with Hello Kitty. I mean, I do buy a pack of melon gum every time I pass a Sanrio store, but that’s a whole other story. When grown adults whip out their Hello Kitty iPhones from their Hello Kitty purses, it leaves me perplexed. Do these people not realize they’re past the age of 10? I was just pondering this thought when I came across a make up station at a local Sephora:

Hello Kitty CosmeticsIt appears the kitty (aka Kitty White, thanks Wikipedia) is getting into the cosmetics business. That’s right, now you can be Hello Pretty, thanks to HK’s exclusive line – available only at Sephora. In addition to owning Hello Kitty toasters, Hello Kitty ice cube trays, and Hello Kitty car seat cushions, now you can paint your face with “charming designs and luxurious formulas infused with ingredients she loves.” May I remind everyone that “she” is a fictitious cat that was created 38 years ago? Then again, Sanrio has turned the bow-tied feline into a global brand worth $5 billion/year.

Even sushi chefs can’t seem to escape the presence of this likable kitty:

IMG_0808I don’t think I’ll be jumping on the #letsgeteverythinghellokitty bandwagon anytime soon. But I will continue to check in with my friend Joanna, who likes to force her friend’s cat to balance things on his head.

*Note to self: Order sushi for dinner. Buy a beret.


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