222. How To Gain 5 Pounds In One Weekend


This past weekend I celebrated my birthday in Mystic, CT with my best friend. Since Mystic Pizza was my only reference of the place, we arrived knowing little about the quaint little town. However, I did notice a few things about it upon arrival:

  • It’s probably not a good sign when the train worker helping you down the stairs shockingly says, “You mean all ya’ll are getting off at Mystic?”
  • Most people at our B&B (The Whaler’s Inn) didn’t know if my friend and I were lovahs or BFF’s. It was okay with us. Either way we were going to eat the freshly baked cookies available in the lounge.
  • It’s acceptable to wear fair isle sweaters for 48-hours at a time (see photo below).
  • Drinking maple whiskey in hot cider helps negate the fact that there’s a mini blizzard happening outside.
  • You can buy a $350 handwoven sweater or a Vera Bradley bag at Old Mystik Village – because nothing screams 1700’s living like overly priced sweaters and manufactured paisley.
  • Captain Daniel Packard’s Inne doesn’t care if you hang out at their pub/restaurant for six hours at a time.*

*Consuming multiple maple whisky ciders (aka Fever Ciders) can lead to eating lunch and dinner at this fine establishment (I suggest their clam chowder and maple-mustard salmon with bacon risotto).

The train conductor may have scared us initially, but after spending a few days in Mystic, I can’t wait to come back for summer frolicking and boat shoe wearing. Yep, I’ll definitely be switching out my itchy wool sweaters for a Vineyard Vines ensemble.

**Note to self: Study up on sailor knowledge (you know, in case I meet one). Thanks Sailing for Dummies.


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