215. Yoga What, Yoga Who?

I just took my first yoga class. I basically looked and felt like Nick (food blogger extraordinaire from Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After). In case you missed it, here’s a visual:

Nick Yoga

(For video click on “Nick” above)

This comes a day after I walked along the icy streets of Durham, North Carolina (45 minutes each way) to go to a yoga studio only to find out upon arrival that it was closed “due to weather.” I think it was God ‘s way of telling me that I’m not meant for this extreme stretching workout. Today was no exception. Yes, the teacher was nice and understanding. Yes, she had that whole “what color is your ora” kind of personality going on but I still felt awkward and uncomfortable. Plus, sucking at something really isn’t the best feeling anyway. Once, I giggled and the teacher told the class (very gently) that “there’s no laughing in yoga.” I think I knew at that moment that yoga and I were not going to be friends. During the relaxing/meditation portion of the class (where the teacher put lavender eye masks on us), I couldn’t even get my body to relax. Maybe that’s why she walked over to me and literally forced my shoulders into the ground. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be stepping into another class anytime soon. But I’ll probably buy some yoga gear from Athleta anyway, you know, just in case. Because, nothing says future yogi like a woman wearing a slightly too tight lightweight t-shirt with some random emblem on the front that’s only readable to other yogis.

*Note to self: Try doing yoga in the comfort of my own room. That way I can giggle all I want without being reprimanded. Then I can go from looking like this:

Ice CreamTo looking like this:




  1. “I think I knew at that moment that yoga and I were not going to be friends.” Absolutely perfect.

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