197. Thanks Rebel Wilson, You Tried

This image pretty much sums up what was funny about Pitch Perfect. Granted, it was written by the fabulously funny Kay Cannon (30 Rock genius) and it definitely had its moments (like the opening scene) but overall I wasn’t thrilled with this comedic feat. I did leave the theater wishing I was part of an a capella group though. I think I’d call my group Car Phone. Reminiscent yet related to my first name. We’d sing songs like Ludacris‘ “Area Codes” and  Maroon 5’sPayphone“. Come to think of it, my Dad used to have a car phone back in the early 90’s. It was sweet. Except for the time when I talked crap about my friend while she was still on the line. Whoops.

Definitely see this movie…but rent it. I can guarantee you’ll laugh at the parts with Rebel Wilson in it. I’m sure the kids from Glee threw popcorn at the screen (or drowned out the characters with their own mash-up renditions) when they first saw saw the film. It was a good effort but I have a feeling Ryan Murphy is evilly laughing somewhere.



  1. I couldn’t agree more! We went to see it this weekend and I was a little disappointed. What actually made me want to see it was the clips of Rebel Wilson in the trailers. But it turns out that most of those lies in the trailers were her only lines in the movie. Still looking forward to her next comedy though.

  2. *most of those LINES in the trailers were her only lines in the movie

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