195. There’s Weather On My Pants!

So, I’m pretty sure that if I had stepped onto my high school campus wearing these storm-themed leggings I’d basically be committing social suicide but apparently they’re all the rage (at Urban Outfitters, at least). I couldn’t help but notice that these epic pants (appropriately called “Cosmic Leggings” by BDG) were paired next to a wooly mammoth coat. You know some 16 year-old is going to take her SAT’s in that outfit and feel better for it. These stretchy thin pants were just one of many pairs covered in random images ranging from wolves to skeletons. All I know is, if I tried the Cosmic leggings on, that lighting strike would appear much larger. But, then again, maybe that’s the point? Regardless, I will not be finding out.

But you know who would benefit from this look? Hipster babies.


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