187. Campbell’s Goes Hipster

Coconut Curry w/ Chicken & Shitake Mushroom

Creamy Smoked Gouda w/ Red Pepper

Creamy Chipotle w/ Roasted Corn and Black Bean Sauce

Golden Lentil w/ Madras Curry

Chicken & Quinoa w/ Poblano Chilies

Moroccan Style Chicken w/ Chickpeas

No, these aren’t the latest creations from your local food truck or the nicer restaurant down the street. These are the new soup flavors from Campbell’s. Yes, Campbell’s. The 140 year-old-company needed a little revitalization so what did they do? They went in search of some good old fashion hipsters. Because hipsters know everything about soup? I find it funny that in order to spice up the everyday “Broccoli and Cheese,” the folks over at Campbell’s turned to cool twenty-something year olds who’ve probably never eaten a can of soup in their lives (unless it was sold at Coachella, of course).

The result? Hipsters in Portland (food truck loving hipsters), San Francisco (foggy hipsters), and Austin (live music hipsters) apparently like to eat soup out of a pouch. Why do I see this being in some sort of Portlandia sketch – specifically within a “Bicycle Rights!” scene (see below). Fred Armisen could easily eat directly out of this new convenient pouch but what’s the fun in that? Picturing him opening a can and trying to use a spoon while dodging cars is definitely funnier. Either way, we’ve got more soup options now thanks to hipsters.

In other soup news, these are coming to Target shelves next week:


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