171. Babies and Enchilada Sauce

No, not together. That would be gross. Unless, well, no there’s no circumstance when that would be okay. However, I did attend an absolutely adorable wedding shower this past Saturday for my good friend Susan. Since she loves Mexican food, everything was Mexican themed – the food, drinks, and décor were bright and festive and so cute! Then I headed over to the East Bay for my good friend from high school’s baby shower where it was moustache themed (she’s having a boy). We played pin the moustache on the baby and there was even a fake prom photo booth area with props (moustaches) and moustache straws. I felt so fortunate to be back in the bay area to celebrate such big milestones in my two dear friends lives. Here are some pictures from the fun events.

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When Did We Get Old?

As my friend’s mom said on Friday night, “they just keep getting older and we stay the same age.” I laughed but it’s kind of true! Now that we’re in our early thirties, people are married, having babies, owning homes. When did that happen!? It was great to have our moms (and Dave) come together last weekend. We caught up over an impromptu campfire while we awkwardly took a picture with my friend’s baby belly (can someone say hilarious?):

I’m can’t believe I go back a good 20 years with most of these ladies and it’s so unbelievable that we all still have such a strong bond. Love to my 154 girls!!



  1. Carly! LOVE IT!

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