167. SWAT Snuggies: Coming To A Precinct Near You

(photo credit: abc.com)

I’m thinking that Chris “SWAT” Bain needs himself a “SWAT Snuggie.” The 28 year-old SWAT Team Officer was practically begging for one after his introduction on ABC’s Bachelor Pad last night. He appeared to have no problem allowing a camera crew to film him watching past episodes of The Bachelorette from his couch while wearing all plaid pjs and sipping on a glass of red wine (the candles add a nice touch):

(photo credit: hulu.com and abc.com)

Making him a SWAT Snuggie can’t be that hard to produce when Harry Potter-themed Snuggies already exist. Maybe this idea will take off and all the officers will start buying them. They could use them during stake outs to keep warm. We could even make K-9 SWAT Snuggies (awwwww). Yep, there’s definitely multiple uses there. For now, I’m just going to have to sit back and watch the rest of the idiotic contestants on Bachelor Pad duke it out (and make out) for the $250,000 prize. I’m cheersing you, Chris, for being the first to be voted off. Did I mention I’m currently wearing my Snuggie? Maybe we’re a match made in ridiculous inventions that have made a lot of money heaven.


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