164. The Bold Italic

My friend just introduced me to The Bold Italic, a great blog about San Francisco and the people and culture within it. As they like to say “We equip you with the rare intel and unique experiences that define San Francisco. Follow passionate locals as they uncover what makes this city great.” It’s pretty fantastic. The first entry I read was about hangovers and it included cures from folks who have perfected the ultimate remedy after a night of drinking. It’s called Sunday Morning Coming Down. Here’s a preview of one of the cures which includes tomato juice, a margarita (a little hair of dog never hurt anyone), quesadilla suiza with a side of guacamole from Puerto Alegre, Alka-Selzer, and a book:

(credit: thebolditalic.com)

But that’s not all! The Bold Italic also puts on unique events. Their events get you behind-the-scenes with some of the boldest purveyors and merchants in the city. They curate these social gatherings to bring people together who share the same interests — or in many cases, obsessions. Interested in attending? Sign up for their newsletter and immerse yourself in what San Francisco has to offer!


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