163. Mr. Right: Apparently He Lives At A Frat House Near You!

God, let’s hope not. According to Amber Estes, a college sophomore from Athens, there’s never a better time to find your husband than while in college. Okay, maybe this is true (mainly due to sheer numbers) but I hope this 20 year-old isn’t serious about her ways to find a perfect husband. I think my favorite piece of advice is when she talks about lingering around the law school. She points out that, “Instead, throw on a nice fitting frocket (one that displays your letters loud and proud) and make sure you look your finest. Trust me, the fellows will come flocking.” I also love that her comments have been disabled…probably because she’s about 60+ years behind. This article may have been relevant in 1952 but it’s 2012 and I seriously doubt women go to college with this particular goal in mind. Why do I have a feeling she’ll end up doing motivational speaking at some sad motel ballroom somewhere (with pre-signed books about finding a husband at the welcome table, of course).


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