157. David Blessed This Child

Dave Petrone (aka Jesus) and baby Liam enjoying fun time with his Dad.

Okay, no he didn’t. But how funny is my father in this picture with my friend’s baby (Liam). Dave was obsessed with touching him on the head…like he had magic abilities. Liam, let me know if you felt any different after that truly amazing experience 🙂

My friends and family came down to Palo Alto over the weekend for a very mellow graduation BBQ. And when I say mellow, I mean “lets drink two dozen bottles of vino” kind of mellow. It was just like growing up except we could legally drink. I think this first picture accurately illustrates how we were feeling by the time the first round of peeps started to leave:

All the ladies representing the UO!

Since no one was going too far we took advantage of the broken hot tub and stuck our feet in until it got dark. Then Nance came out and lit her special floating candles for us to enjoy. After a fun afternoon of eating (did someone say charred sausages and little graduate hat cupcakes), playing with baby Liam (who is turning one this weekend!), my father giving an awkward one-liner toast (I believe the exact words were “Um, I love her.”), friends taking advantage of drunk exercising on the elliptical (see picture below), and passing out on the couch (ahem, no picture), I have to say that all in all it was a fabulous party.  Thanks to everyone who came and for the hangover that kept me on the couch all day on Sunday. At least I got to watch Sex and the City (the movie) for a good 3+ hours.

Here are some of my other faves:

Wine sock monkey!

Nance’s floating candles

Rach really knows how to separate drinking from exercising

Oh G-Unit (Grace & Greg) you’re oh so funny together


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