153. Because…Sometimes Jalapeños Feel Left Out

Jalapeño Popper from American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

That’s why I ordered the Jalapeño Popper at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen this afternoon. I have a love for jalapeños and anything grilled, really. You could put a battery in between two slices of bread and I’d probably eat it. Juicy!

The Jalapeño Popper entails the following: chèvre, monterey jack, applewood smoked bacon, apricot + jalapeño relish on levain. Yep, pretty much heaven in a to-go box. I added an Abita Root Beer (who knew they made soda pop?) and they added a plum (I think to make the whole thing seem healthy). Although the wait was pretty long (roughly 20 minutes), it was the middle of lunch hour in downtown San Francisco and the super cool wall art made up for it.

Wall o’ Grilled Cheese Heaven

If you think you can eat this grilling masterpiece without A) a napkin or B) a water, you are sorely mistaken. Your mouth slowly becomes en fuego but the apricot chutney relish makes you feel like you can handle it. You can’t. Grab a water (or in my case my eyebrows just sweated it out) but enjoy every bite of this cheesy/baconey/sweet and spicy concoction. With this restaurant a block away from my work at 7×7 Magazine, I think my plan to eat better might be sabotaged.  They do have salads? Right, like I’m gonna choose a salad when there’s melted cheese and even a Mac n’ Cheese sando. That’s right. That’s mac n’ cheese between two pieces of bread. Oh well, at least it’s dairy, right?

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