147. Pride & Safety

Nope. That’s not a baby bump. I just ate and drank a lot last weekend.

My first weekend back in SF and it just happened to be Pride weekend. I couldn’t believe I’d never seen the parade or at least taken advantage of all the food and beer booths!  My friends Becca, Greg, and I went around noon but first we ate a stellar breakfast at Citizen Band (I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of my amazing baguette ricotta stuffed french toast with lemon curd). Upon arrival one of us took part in some herbal refreshment (hint, it wasn’t me) and the couple behind us immediately perked up. They lived in Hawaii and had their own stash on them. They were so intrigued by what we had and immediately told us they thought it was called “Green Lady.” Nice tip for the day!

We hungout for a while on the corner of Market and 8th (this is most likely where I got my kick ass farmers tan) and saw the tail end of the parade. The guy in charge of keeping everyone in line took his “Safety” job super seriously. He also wore earplugs, which I think might have defeated the purpose of being in charge of safety. There weren’t too many floats but the people and couples supporting the event were pretty awesome. Some participants drove in their cars with signs that indicated how many years they’d been married while others just casually walked down the street holding hands.

This little boy could bust a move:

We followed the crowds over to Civic Center where there were multiple concert stages, food booths, and other entertaining tents (did someone say men’s bath house?). We definitely took part in the “Billy Jean” dance party and stopped to take a picture in front of the Department of Public Health (don’t ask). By the time we finally stopped to eat, we were ready to leave. We did snag a few hot dogs from the Haufbrau House food truck before taking off. Greg and I decided they were the best hot dogs we’d ever had.

In a nutshell, it’s a bit strange to be back in SF but with so many fun events happening this summer, how can I complain?

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  1. Stephanie says:

    You’re back in SF!! You have to meet Everett!!!!

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