132. My First Toastamonial

This morning I woke up frantically worried about toast.  That’s right.  Toast.  I have no idea why but my first thought when I opened up my eyes was that I have to save toast.  Well, that didn’t last long because what did I do?  I made myself some maple peanut butter toast courtesy of my new jar of Maple PB from the Peanut Butter Company in NYC.

I feel bad for toast.  It used to be bread and then it just gets charred in the toaster oven (probably screaming for its life to stay in it’s true soft bready form) and then we stab it with knives and creamy spreads like butter and jelly.  This led me to wonder if there was such a thing as National Toast Day in America.  Sure enough, there is!  I even found a video about helping toast become less abused by their spreadables:

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is next time you go to toast a piece of bread, give it a hug (or at least say thank you.)


A Girl Who Apparently Dreams About Toast


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