118. Fog or Smog? The trials and tribulations of traveling to L.A.

Here's the check-in area at The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica
(photo credit: http://www.viceroyhotelsandresorts.com/santamonica)

I finally made it Santa Monica after driving two hours from Eugene to Portland only to stand in an hour-long security line at the airpot and then take an almost 1 hour long cab ride to my hotel.  The whole time all I noticed was the fog.  Why!?  Didn’t I leave Oregon?  Oh well, at least it’s warmer and it’s supposed to be in the high 70’s the rest of the weekend.

I’m staying at the swanky Viceroy Hotel along Ocean Ave.  It’s fine and dandy but I had to laugh when I got dropped off a few blocks away (let me reiterate the hour long cab ride – traffic was so bad I got out and walked) and noticed an enormous tour bus pulling up the driveway.  I felt like I was playing Frogger, racing to get to the check-in area first.  I barely made it as the first couple from the group got in front of me.  I managed to sneak my way in next but had to wait for all thirty of them to take the elevator before I could head up to the eighth floor.

I ordered a snack and the internet (as in the $9 hummus plate which turned out to be $20 with hotel fees – which are what? and had to PAY for wireless – lame), did some homework, and wrote my CBSNY post.  Now I’m just waiting for the fun to begin.  I can’t believe my sister’s bachelorette is already here.  The wedding will be coming up even sooner!  Which reminds me, maybe I should have asked my cabbie to be my date?  He was nice and we both had the same opinions about traffic cops and traffic, in general.  I think I wrote his name down somewhere…oh yes, it was Ephraim Cohenpeer.  Mrs. Cohenpeer.  That has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?  Happy Friday everyone!


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