113. Hug Someone Today (And Tomorrow!)

My mom and my baby cousin, Kaitlyn, meeting for the first time.

I found out earlier today that someone I know passed away over the weekend in a skiing accident.  It made me stop and think about how precious life is and how much we all need to cherish who and what we have in our lives everyday.  In a time where everything moves too fast to keep up with, it’s hard to stay in touch with everyone we want to or even make time for ourselves.  I’m definitely guilty of getting wrapped up in my own drama and stress out WAY too much about things that, in the long run, probably aren’t that big of a deal.  This is why we should all take a moment to give someone we know a hug or call someone we haven’t talked to in a while.  Even strangers appreciate a smile or something as simple as a “hello” or “good morning.”


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