109. Tuna. He gets more air than Jordan.

Tuna and "his" tree.

This is Tuna. We met on the streets of Portland yesterday. His main purpose in life is to strip bark from trees with his teeth. I watched him do this by leaping through the air and gnawing at bark for over an hour. When exhaustion started to kick in, he resorted to chewing the base of the tree while laying down and intermittently gasping for air. His grip looked so strong I thought the tree was going to fall over. I hope you live a very long time, Tuna. I have a feeling trees don’t feel the same way.

I’ll give him one thing. This bulldog certainly knows how to jump!

Step 1: Find a tree.

2. Evaluate height of tree.

Step 3. Fly through the air (while attacking tree)!

Step 4: Show off your work (notice all the bark I ate).

For some reason, I feel like Tuna would kick some serious ass at Frisbee.


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