100. That’s One-Hundred.

I’m going to celebrate my 100th post with some pictures from my California coast trip:

The seagulls in Morro Bay, CA like to personally greet you at the beach.

Morro Rock made me feel like I was on Alcatraz. I much preferred the beach side. Mainly because there was salt water taffy and an entire store dedicated to shells.

Guess what these are? We definitely don't have them in the EUG.

Naturally if I was going to buy clip on sunglasses I'd also get my belly button pierced. This proves why the boardwalk is stuck in the '80s.

This man desperately wanted to be Batman. So what did he do? He got a crowd around him, picked out 4 guys to carry him, and had the audience yell out "FLY!"

This is Tally (short for Tamale). She's fancy and fabulous.

I love how SF named this beach "Ocean Beach." It makes me feel like whoever named it had no faith in San Franciscans understanding what a beach was.

"Okay guys, enough with the silent treatment. Now, lets go make a flying V." - bird on right.



  1. 100? Congrats Carly!

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