78. Appalling!

Ok, we all know that Heidi Klum and Seal have split, but someone needs to give this girl a cheeseburger (or three).  I’m sure she’s always been thin (hello, she’s a supermodel) but this is just disgusting and wrong on so many levels.  In a time when I thought Hollywood was finally recognizing women for their work (rather than their disappearing waistlines), I was disappointed to find this image of Klum on Peoplestylewatch.com with this caption:


“Single never looked so good! A post-split HeidiKlum makes a smokin’-hot solo appearance at Elton John’s star-studded soirée.”

Are you freaking kidding me!?  My eyes bulged out as I practically counted every vertebrae in her back.

And what’s up with Angelina Jolie’s arms (or lack thereof)?  I know the media is on a frenzy about her leg pose during her Oscar presentation, but I could care less about her strut on stage.  This is a time when I would say “What am I supposed to tell my children?  That it’s okay to look like this?”  Granted, I don’t have any kids, but I hope Americans don’t think this is attractive or healthy.

I’m gonna go eat a hot dog and feel happy that I can’t see my bones.


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