71. Salt is partying extra hard today…

(Bethenny Frankel promotes her uber popular low-calorie version of the margarita, "The Skinny Girl Margarita"

Because it’s National Margarita Day!  I love this holiday, and I’m not just saying that because my last name is Petrone (insert rimshot here).  I almost wish it was spelled like Patron because then I wouldn’t have to always tell bartenders, “Yep, like the tequila.  But not.”  For some reason, they seem to forget this when it’s time to get my ID back at the end of the evening.  “But what’s your last name?” they ask me with annoyance.  Petrone!  Petrone is my last name.  I’m not just ordering shots of tequila for my way out.

Lets celebrate National Margarita Day with a little video clip reminding us why it’s never a good idea to get a free tattoo from a man in a van:


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